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Keeping your teeth young

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Keeping your teeth young

Four Steps You Need to Take After Your Teeth Whitening Appointment

Mabel Hicks

If you have scheduled teeth whitening services with your dentist, then you already know that one appointment won't be enough. If you want to reach the desired shade level on your teeth then you'll need to schedule future appointments. There are some other steps you should take in addition to appointments in order to keep your teeth white between visits.

Avoid Home Whitening

One of the key steps you need to take after your teeth whitening appointment is to avoid at home treatments. You may be concerned that if you see the shade of your teeth dull or change, that the whitening treatments aren't working. This may lead you to use a home treatment. Try to avoid this step since at home treatments can cause sensitivity and may put you in painful situations during eating or during the day.

Brush More Often

Try to brush more often than normal. Most people will brush once to twice a day, but if you are undergoing whitening services, you may want to consider brushing after every meal. This will help you keep your teeth white between appointments and also help with any enamel breakdown you might have. If you aren't sure what type of toothpaste or oral care treatment you should use, consider consulting your dentist for their advise on brands.

Avoid Staining Foods

Make sure to avoid any types of food or coffee that can cause staining. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, make sure that you are rinsing and brushing after you drink. This will help remove the stain from your teeth and prevent any stain from setting in over night and attaching to the enamel. This may be difficult to get in the habit of, but it can help between scheduled appointments.

Note any Changes

If you are experiencing any kind of issue after your appointment, you should note it. Changes could be sensitivity levels in your teeth, gum pain, or blisters from the whitening. If you have any of these issues or related problems you should contact your dentist immediately. If you experience pain of any kind, go to an emergency clinic or dental clinic for assistance.

Remember that if you have any abnormal side effects from tooth whitening services you should contact your dentist. You also should maintain your scheduled appointments for services to keep the shade of white you are looking for. Your dentist can help you work out a routine that works for you.