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Keeping your teeth young

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Keeping your teeth young

Dentist Advice | 3 Quick Tricks To Prevent Bad Breath From Ruining Your Date

Mabel Hicks

As a young and single professional, you probably have your whole life ahead of you –– lots of fun dates and lots of freedom before you decide to settle down and tie the knot. Like everyone, you probably wake up with bad breath in the morning. This occurs because bacteria multiplies with no continuous saliva flow in the mouth at night, which is perfectly normal. But if you face bad breath problems consistently through your day, it will probably affect your life. While a visit to the dentist is an absolute must to tackle this problem, here are some quick tricks to prevent consistent bad breath from ruining your date.  

Avoid Eating Specific Odour-Causing Foods

Specific foods like garlic, raw onion and heavy spices will leave you with bad breath through the day, so you'll want to reduce them in your diet. The sulphuric compounds in these foods get metabolised in your mouth to give it a foul odour. If you're on a date, you'll want to stay away from them completely to prevent bad breath from wrecking your evening. Alternatively, you should stick to fresh and crisp foods that act as natural teeth cleansers. These include vegetables and fruits like carrots, cucumber, lettuce, pears and apples. These foods produce antioxidants that not only boost dental health, but also your overall health in general. Foods rich in antioxidants will also make your dentist visits far more pleasant, since you're likely to have fewer oral health problems.

Chew Herbs Just Before You Pick Up Your Date

Nature has a way of helping you out when you need it the most. An easy solution to get rid of bad breath before picking up your date is to chew raw herbs like parsley and thyme. These herbs will naturally cleanse your palate to get rid of foul odour. Sipping on herbal tea also helps to cleanse the palate and works like a charm for getting rid of bad breath. Chewing herbs is an especially smart solution when you're away from home without access to your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Chew Gum

Apart from herbs, you can also chew gum to reduce your bad breath. Chewing gum enhances saliva flow to wash away bacteria in your mouth more easily. You must ensure that the gum is sugarless because gum with sugar will ferment the bacteria and aggravate your bad breath problem. Apart from chewing sugarless gum, cut down on eating any sugary foods while you're on your date because they will hasten bad breath.

These quick tricks will help eliminate your bad breath when you're on a date. Be sure to visit the dentist if you have a persistent bad breath problem to prevent it from ruining your dating life.