Keeping your teeth young
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Keeping your teeth young

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Keeping your teeth young

3 Reasons Your Dentist Might Suggest Removing Your Child's Baby Teeth Early

Mabel Hicks

For the most part, your child's baby teeth (deciduous teeth) will fall out on their own and usually in sequence. This usually happens when a permanent tooth is formed underneath and ready to replace it. Here are three reasons why a dentist might suggest removing your child's baby teeth early:

Damage or Decay

If your child has a damaged tooth or severe decay, your dentist may suggest removing affected teeth to preserve healthy gums and eliminate any pain your child is experiencing. Removing a baby tooth before the permanent tooth is ready can potentially cause teeth to shift around to fill the gap. The dentist will do what they can to preserve the baby tooth for as long as possible. If extraction is the suggested form of treatment, they will have considered the options and chosen to do so for your child's benefit. Following an extraction, your child may be fitted with a prosthetic tooth until the permanent tooth is ready to come in to keep the gap open.

Orthodontic Necessity

Baby teeth don't always follow the schedule they should. Often a few years delay will not be enough to result in extractions. However, past a certain point, like a child turning 12 or the eruption of a child's permanent second molars, it is often felt necessary to remove any remaining baby teeth to prevent problems with the rest of the incoming teeth.

Another reason to remove baby teeth for orthodontic reasons is when a permanent tooth erupts adjacent to a baby one that isn't loose. When this happens, it is usually caused by overcrowding. The baby tooth will be removed. However, the overcrowding will need to be dealt with by expansion or maybe even extractions of permanent teeth. Your dentist will refer your child to an orthodontist for assessment and treatment.

To Smooth the Path for Permanent Teeth

In some cases, it's necessary to remove baby teeth when the dentist can see that doing so will improve the pathway of the unerupted corresponding permanent teeth. Such extractions are usually more common in the upper canines and second bicuspids areas. A scan will have shown that not removing teeth will hinder the path of the permanent teeth. Such extractions are done to prevent problems and reduce or eliminate the need for complicated treatment or surgery further down the road.

If your dentist has recommended extractions for your child, then you may be feeling concerned. However, you can be assured that an extraction of baby teeth is usually only suggested when it is deemed necessary and beneficial to a child's oral health.