Keeping your teeth young
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Keeping your teeth young

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Keeping your teeth young

3 Steps To Prepare Your Child Ahead Of Tooth Extraction

Mabel Hicks

Tooth extraction can be stressful at any age, but it can be especially troubling for small children who don't know what to expect.  Tooth extraction may sound painful but the truth is that it isn't as bad as it sounds. New dental technologies have made the process easier, more efficient and less painful. Follow these steps to prepare ahead of a tooth extraction at your child's dentist.

Clean The Area Around The Tooth Properly

It's important that you always clean your child's teeth well to prevent plaque and bacteria from forming on them. Make sure your child brushes his or her teeth well and covers all areas of the mouth. This will keep teeth clean and remove food particles that can cause more damage to the already damaged area. The dentist has to loosen and remove the tooth from the gum socket with a forceps-like instrument, so keeping it clean will ensure minimal complications.

Let Your Child Know About Options For Sedation

Keep in mind that your child is probably petrified of pain, so let him or her know that a treatment is available to take away any pain felt during the procedure. It helps to have knowledge of the sedation options available so that you can explain them to your child. For example, oral sedation pills or sprays and general anaesthesia may be available to numb the area before the process. Some bleeding may also transpire soon after the procedure, which your child should know is normal. Make sure your child knows the process as much as possible to eliminate surprises and prevent anxiety.

Take Your Child's Favourite Toy Along To Act As A Source Of Comfort

Kids are often comforted by things that are familiar to them, so if he or she has a favourite toy, book or game, then make sure you take it along with you to the dentist's office. This will act as a source of comfort and distraction as your child waits nervously for the procedure to take place. You will ideally also want to ensure your child is well fed ahead of the tooth extraction because it will take a while before he or she can eat something once again. After the procedure, only soft foods are recommended for a few days to allow the area to heal.

Your child's dentist won't recommend tooth extraction unless completely necessary, so make sure you follow these preparatory steps well to quicken the process of recovery.