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Keeping your teeth young

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Keeping your teeth young

Crucial Questions to Ask an Emergency Dentist

Mabel Hicks

Dental emergencies are anything but fun, and they can be a significant source of stress for most people. From excruciating toothaches to broken teeth, a dental plight is best addressed by an emergency dentist. It is vital to engage a dentist and ask them critical questions during your visit. The queries ease any worries you might harbour and give you an idea of what to expect during treatment. Here are some important questions to ask an emergency dentist.

What Types of Sedation Do You Use? 

Generally, pain sends most patients to an emergency dentist. However, if you wait until you cannot stand the pain anymore, you could be in serious trouble, and it might be too late. It might explain why emergency dentists ask patients about the intensity of pain. Notably, emergency dentists administer anesthesia to help patients deal with excruciating pain and make them comfortable. That said, emergency dentists can choose from different sedation options. Some of the procedures that emergency dentists use include local anesthetics, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), IV sedation and general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia an emergency dentist chooses depends on various factors, such as pain intensity.

How Long Are Waiting Periods? 

When you walk into an emergency dental clinic, you will be ushered to the waiting area by a receptionist with the help of nurses. The amount of time you wait to see an emergency dentist significantly affects your experience. If you visit an emergency dentist where the waiting room is full of people and there is only one practitioner, you will most likely have a difficult time. It is mainly the case if you are experiencing excruciating pain. Therefore, you should ask an emergency dentist how long you should expect to wait before being attended to. Ideally, you should look for a practice with shorter waiting times, which is only possible in emergency dental clinics with more than one dentist.

Do You Offer After Hours Services?

Most standard dental practices that offer emergency services usually designate a few hours for patients with dental emergencies. Some clinics that specialise in emergency dentistry only operate during office working hours. However, dental emergencies can happen anytime, including holidays and weekends. Therefore, you need an emergency dentist who offers services after hours since it guarantees dental care anytime. While you can find the information in a dental clinic's brochure, it is best to ask a dentist for assurance.

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