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Keeping your teeth young

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Keeping your teeth young

4 Benefits of Glass Ionomer Fillings

Mabel Hicks

Even when you take good care of your oral health, small cavities can still develop in your teeth over time. When that happens, fillings can be used to restore the tooth, and there are a number of materials that can be used. Most people are already aware of traditional options, such as amalgam and silver, but you might not have heard about glass ionomer fillings.

These combine acrylic with glass particles to form a flexible paste that can be used to create a tight seal over a cavity. They aren't ideal in every situation, but there are still several benefits you should consider when you have a choice of filling materials. Here are just four.

1. Fluoride is Released

As you probably already know, fluoride is great for your teeth. It works to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay. That's why it's added to most toothpastes and often to drinking water. One unique advantage of glass ionomer fillings is that fluoride is part of the silicate glass powder used to make them. This means fluoride is released over time to help prevent future cavities. This is particularly great for the tooth that is being restored, but the rest of your teeth will also benefit.

2. Colour Matches Your Teeth

One thing people often worry about with fillings is how well they will match the natural colour of their teeth. With glass ionomer fillings, this shouldn't be such a concern since the material can be coloured to closely match your natural teeth and blend in rather than stand out. This is one reason glass ionomer fillings are often used towards the front of the mouth where teeth are more visible. 

3. Bonding is Excellent

All fillings that are properly applied by your dentist should last a long time, but glass ionomer fillings tend to be particularly long-lasting. This is because glass ionomer restorations bond directly to the teeth extremely well — in fact, no additional bonding agent is needed when they are fitted. Thanks to the exceptional chemical bond created with dentin and enamel, glass ionomer fillings are unlikely to come loose or allow leakage into the cavity.

4. Minimal Preparation is Required

The fact that no additional bonding agent is required for most glass ionomer fillings means they are relatively quick to fit. In most cases, minimal preparation or no preparation at all will be required. This is ideal for all patients, but it's particularly attractive when young children have cavities since they are often more nervous than adults about getting fillings.

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