Keeping your teeth young
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Keeping your teeth young

As we get older suddenly we realised many things we didn't appreciate about being young - being fit, having smooth skin and having all your own teeth. As our loose teeth (and bridges) struggle to deal with chewier food we start eating bland mush and, there is no easy way to say this, OLD PEOPLE FOOD. I'm determined not to let that happen to me and I'm doing everything I can to keep my own teeth as long as possible, and when that's not possible to get the best possible teeth replacement. If you are like me and want to keep on eating whatever you want, I think you'll like my site. It's all about dental health and teeth replacement & maintenance.

Keeping your teeth young

  • Denture Care: 4 Potential Problems Caused by Improper Denture Care

    30 August 2016

    If you have missing teeth, dentures can improve your smile while allowing you to properly chew food again. However, it is important that your dentures are a good fit, that you know when to remove them and how to thoroughly clean your dentures. If your dentures do not fit well or if you do not remove or clean them, you may be putting yourself at risk of developing a range of health issues which are outlined below.

  • Epulis Fissuratum: What You Need to Know

    28 July 2016

    If you have just been fitted with dentures, you may not be aware of the potential side effects and condition which can be caused by denture use. One of the lesser known conditions is epulis fissuratum. While epulis fissuratum is a benign condition, it can cause a lot of worry as the symptoms it causes are very similar to those of oral cancer. Below is a brief guide to epulis fissuratum.

  • Do You Suffer from Dental Phobia? Conscious Sedation Could be the Solution

    28 July 2016

    Most dental procedures involve the use of syringes and other sharp tools, and this does not settle in well with some people. Dental phobia and dental anxiety can discourage one from visiting the dentist for regular check-ups and treatment. It could be due to fear or previous traumatizing dental experiences. People with dental phobia have a high risk of tooth and gum disease and caries. One of the effective solutions for people who feel anxious and nervous when visiting a dentist is choosing conscious sedation.

  • Getting emergency dental help after your child has had a scooter or bike accident

    13 July 2016

    When children have falls off bikes and scooters, they can easily get dental injuries as they tumble, as these areas are unprotected by the normal protective equipment such as helmets and elbow pads. Here are some tips on what to do if your child has had a fall.  Clear the blood As children fall they often bite through lips and cheeks which can result in copious amounts of blood. This can be very distressing for the parents and the children.

  • How to Choose Between Crowns and Veneers

    9 June 2016

    If you are not happy with your smile, you may be considering covering your teeth with either dental crowns or veneers. While each of these options are made from porcelain and can be made to improve your smile and match the shade of your other teeth, they are not intended for the same purpose in every case. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding which is a better option for you.